Navi Wants You to Yap about Money!

Taking a break from my desert travels, we were looking around for some cool water fun to relax. And that was when we heard about Yap and Dad and I had to check it out. Yap refers to an island that is part of the Caroline Islands of the western Pacific Ocean and a part … Continued


Navi Finds a Lost City!!

This one is for all you Indiana Jones and Lawrence of Arabia fans! Do you love the thrill of exploring new places, of sand dunes and camels and hot deserts that yield unexpected treasures? Well, I love it! And that was what led my dad and me on our latest adventure. We decided to follow … Continued


Light Up The Nights with Navi!

I just love the fall season. Something about the weather makes it the perfect time to get out and celebrate life before you need to hunker down for the winter. That was the feeling I had when I was out last night with my friends from India – dancing my cares away in elaborate, colorful … Continued

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