Why Gator Capers?

Screen-free time can be fun too!

Relive those golden memories where a magnifying glass brought unlimited thrills. Or how word-searches and connect-the-dots and coloring activities could keep you busy for hours. It’s easy to find “an App” on “a smart device” to keep your child busy, but research has shown that higher-order thinking skills and executive functions essential for school success are best taught through unstructured and social (not digital) play. Let Gator Capers get your child’s creative juices flowing while learning about the world.

Teaching patience in an on-demand world

Remember waiting for the next episode of your favorite show? Or waiting for the mailman to bring that gift package address to you? In this age of instant access, our kids keep clicking on "Skip Ad" because they can't wait for 5 seconds for a video to begin, or throw a tantrum if a parent says no to another over-priced toy. Let Gator Capers get your child to learn the value of patience while waiting for the next clue from Na V. and Invez T. Gator.

Lets get your child a real hobby!

Did you collect coins as a kid? Or leaves? Or flags? Maybe you spent hours changing the order of stamps in your collection to have it just perfect. Nowadays you can buy a lot of toys and enroll your child in different enrichment programs. By surveys show that children with a hobby are intellectually sharper and happier than their peers who get more screen time. Let Gator capers make your child enjoy the pleasures of collecting stamps, flags and other memorabilia while learning about the world.


Navi Gator and Invez Gator are always looking for new ways to share fun facts about their adventures around the world. Bring your family and friends and join The Gator Capers at one of our awesome demonstrations where you can learn new things about the world around us. Through hands-on activites and our personal touch, you can taste new international foods, create custom crafts, play funfilled games, and so much more.

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