Wonder where Navi is? – Discover how she got lost in a Timeless Rhyme!

Chang chang chang chang chang

nong koi hen chang reu plow

chang man dtua dtoh mai bao

ja-mook yaao yaao riak warng wong

mee kiaow dtai nguang riak wa ngar

mee hoo mee dtar harng yaao



Would you like to sing with me too? Check out the Song and lyrics here as we explore the beautiful music of Thailand. The song above is the ‘Elephant song’ which children learn in primary school.

Music is very important in Thai culture. In music schools, children are taught how to respect musical instruments in the way they are handled as well as practices such as avoiding foot contact with instruments and not stepping over them.

Traditional Thai instruments  are mainly with string, wind or percussion.

That is a picture of a traditional Thai music ensemble. I had the chance to watch some performances and it was beyond magical. Something about Thai music makes me smile and want to dance.

Some of the instruments I saw – looked so beautiful and elegant, I had to share the pictures with all of you as well..

This is a stringed instrument called the sueng.


And here is a boy playing a khim (hammered dulcimer). An instrument that has traveled to Thailand all the way from Persia and a descendant of the Santur


And finally, here is a picture of a taphon – the Thai Drum!

No matter which way you look at it, music in any culture is magical and helps you bond with people across countries and languages. While it might be hard for you to get your hands on a Thai instrument, maybe you could try making some music of your own with this neat experiment I found online. Check it out and share your experiences with us on social media.


Till next time – ร้องเพลงมีความสุข – Happy singing 🙂

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